Lucky Cactus Grow App Bewertungen

Toni the Cactus

I love my cactus ❤️❤️

It works so far ..!

I just got this app and i have had good luck. i thought that an app would never have an impact on my luck but things have been looking up for me !

Honestly.. it probably works!

Idk this isn’t good proof but of a game I play, I had been stuck and unable to improve until I got this app! I have gotten a lot more strong in a small about of time! I really do think this app helps, or boosts your spirits and lets you acknowledge the good things. Though you do have to pay for a lot, I would get it


I really love this app. It has given me hope and much more things to believe in.


Idk guys.... I don't usually believe in this kind of stuff but things have been genuinely better lately. I've felt a lot happier and more optimistic lately and things just in general seem to be working themselves out... I've even realized who I think I'm supposed to be with, and the director for my school play is also letting me audition at a separate time since I can't make the normal auditions.

Back at it.

Uninstalled the app a minute back now I’ve reinstalled it again because I honestly missed it. I still have faith that good things happen as long as you take care of it and I’m going to try my best to do so but I missed it and I’m still gonna believe that it does what it says it does

What the

I'm not gonna say that a digital cactus is somehow affecting the cosmic waves of the universe, changing my fate in the process, but something's goin on here. Ever since I downloaded this app things have just been goin my way and that's all I know. Maybe I just feel lucky. Maybe I'm more confident as a result. Who's to say, but I choose to believe that this is real.

Lucky cactus

Awesome game it takes a while but it is worth it

It's only been 1 hour

Wow I have been wanting to download this for some time and finally today I did. I don't know if this is just a coincidence or something but I started taking care of the cactus and people saw that my garage was open and had racks of clothes that I had been selling a while ago there are about 5 or 6 people wanting to buy my clothes I'm so amazed.


I'm hoping it gives me luck!:)

Best app ever

This cactus is awesome it's so cute and adorable and it gives me so much luck

Hoping for the best

Just got the app and I'm only hoping it'll work. I'm quite superstitious about this.


I saw an ad for this app and it looked interesting so I looked at some of the reviews. Mosto of them said "Unbelieveble, Actually Works" etc... I decided to download the app and I have been taking care of my lucky cactus for about a month and I don't really see anything happening. I haven't something amazing happen or anything like that but it is a lot of work and very time consuming to keep remembering to water and take care of the cactus. I don't really recomend.

I think it has hope!

I jsut bought this and I feel like this has hope for luck especially with school starting back



Love it

I love it!! Fun to play and really gives u luck!!!

No difference yet

I haven't noticed any difference yet but I still have faith that it will work



Don't waste your time

Honestly I should've listened to people who said "you better have time to look after this thing." If you do look after it, it's pretty nice. However if you don't, EVERYTHING GOES WRONG!! I don't know how it's possible but it is. Make sure you have time to watch this stupid cactus.

Just started

Just start so far it's good something I couldn't go to before now I can I don't know if it's this app but yea so far so good


I mean since I've got it I've actually had pretty bad luck. But I mean I never believed it in the first place. I spent too much money on false hope. I wouldn't really recommend this thing

My first time

Love it


This app was a horrible waist of my time to even get in the first place, the only reason I even got it was because my stupid self genuinely thought it would bring me luck, I mean yeah i found 15$ at a Walmart when i first started using the app but that's only bc someone dropped it and I ended up returning it anyways. Nothing has changed in my life due to this app and nothing will change because of an app, if you want luck just do good deeds and wait for karma to catch-up to you, but don't waist 2.99$ on some sketchy cactus app .


Really works! Definitely worth three dollars!!!






I just got it but idk yet


👍🏼thumbs up



Super lucky

Nothing's actually happened yet but it's a cool app


I read a bunch of reviews and thought ok so what this look good for a price I wish I could get my money back this is a scam you need to buy a bunch of stuff for your plant and so many other things don't waste your money

Lucky Cactus

I love my Lucky Cactus (:

Can't believe it worked

I was having troubles but then the girl I love and I started talking more and I think it's cause this app so definitely recommended


Ever since I got this app I've had nothing but terrible luck, I lost friends, I am severely sick with the flu... and now my cat I've had since I was 5 of 10 years is going to die any hour. I do not recommend this app at all! If anything it brings you bad luck not good luck

Cool but...

Cool but I haven't experienced anything mindblowing plus ads on a paid app is stupid


So the day after I bought this app like $60 dollars were mysteriously added to my debit card. The lucky cactus is pretty legit so far!


Just got it, gonna see what happens


Ok for all of you who think I'm sponsored I'm not ok.I am legit not paid or crap.This is 100% luck.Download for the best luck.Dont know how it gives us luck but it does

Idk yet

It's new and I just got it let's see how it goes, sceptical


I love how great and calm it keeps you


Rating to get rid of the message


It wouldn't leave me alone about rating this thing so here....

good ??

because this app keeps bugging me to rate it... i downloaded yesterday and i will say i had a pretty good day compared the last week or so. but nothing life changing has come out of this yet. i don't regret buying it though because it's kind of therapeutic to have a lil cactus to take care of and this app has put me in a positive mood.


It's cool but hasn't really been working for me but when I have wanted something I get it it's weird

Very Honest Review Here

I downloaded this app after reading countless reviews on here saying that this app 100% gives you good luck. There were a few bad ones but overall, the response was fairly good. This guy that I love & have been arguing with for quite a while, messaged me the night I got this app saying sorry for the way he'd been acting. Of course, it made me credit this app for his change in heart. However, after that day, nothing significantly good happened. Him and I actually cut things off in the end. I sat there taking care of the "cactus" for a month almost for no reason really. Overall, I think it's good to try the app out for yourself and decide if it really "works" for you. I'm pretty superstitious so I tried it out and just didn't get great results really. I think most people that have tried this app and have gotten good luck from it aren't really getting good luck from the app. They download it, good things happen to them sometimes, and they think it must have been the app. I think those good things would have happened even if you didn't purchase the app. Either way, if you're still really really considering it, just buy it if you're that curious.

It works!

I just downloaded the app. The first thing it said I would come across was love and money. My boyfriend unexpectedly came over for the day and I got a free $25 gift card!!! It works!! I'm actually amazed!!!

very cute

my good boy cactus i love my son and it makes my bf jealous


i had pretty low expectations upon whether this game worked or not but i saw reviews that looked promising and decided to give it a try. at first i thought it was a scam, but i started tapping it more often and it brought this guy in my life that made me so happy and made me feel like no one else has ever before. he was such a sweetheart and called me beautiful and made me feel special. he was the only guy who ever wanted to talk to me for me, not because i had a nice body. eventually we decided to meet and had the best night ever, cuddling, holding hands, kissing. he made it seem like we'd see each other again, even though we lived an hour away. the next day i come to find out he's moving, and he wasn't the one who told me. i don't understand why he screwed me over like that. made me fall for him and think we were going to be together just to leave. i've had way too many people in my life leave and he knew that. i started making excuses as to why he'd do that, maybe he was scared, maybe he didn't know what to say. a couple days go by of him ignoring my texts and i realize that it wasn't a mistake. the knowledge of this sent me into a state of depression that i never thought i'd be in again, especially because it wasn't that bad but it still hurt. depression is terrible. i don't know if i can put all the blame on this app, but i sure as he'll know none of it happened until i downloaded it for "luck." would really like my money back.

One problem

First of all I haven't much time to experience the magic, but there are way too many ads. When tapping the cactus an ad pops up right where you're tapping every 10 sec but other than that I'm not sure how the magic works

Idk yet

Just download it and I mean working ok so far I'll update later how it goes.

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